Books for kids learning Spanish

Are you or your children learning Spanish?

When we all study any foreign language, we face a phase in which our vocabullary level may not be expert but our age and interests are not the equivalent of a 3 years old child. If we only read books designed for our vocabullary level, we will probably get bored very fast what will make the task of reading a disgusting effort instead of a pleasure. This is even more remarkable when we talk about children: if the book doesn’t catch their attention fast, they will get bored and stop reading. Instead of that, if we manage to find books in which the child or teenager gets involved in the story, with adventures, mistery and good values, they will be enjoying the lecture while learning the language.

With that in mind, let me introduce you the book ‘Siete’ meant for children from 8 years old but suitable for all ages from that. In this book, five children live an incredible adventure when some girls get kidnapped in their town, close to Madrid, the Spanish capital. They will be able to help the police forces with their intelligence, allways taking care of their own security. With this book, apart from practising Spanish, the young readers will learn does and don’ts to be secure, friendship and family values and will have a great time trying to discover the mistery.
Book «ZEM» is a pure science-fiction book for children about 12 that they will also love: adventures travelling around different galaxies and meeting different societies.

And talking about values, both books mix up masculine and femenine characters that have the same interests in studying, playing and investigating. Because girls are not only interested in being princesses, wearing beatiful dresses or being popular at high school and boys can’t only see girls as the delicated creatures only meant to be saved. In these books all characters play an important role.

So, if you or your children are learning Spanish, let them read these books.


I’d love to know your oppinion. Please, if you read them, leave your comments in the Amazon page.