artist & Illustrator


I am an artist and illustrator based in Madrid, specialized in creating images to convey stories. Stories that fill with color the messages we tell and the walls of our houses.

My portfolio

There are three types of work in my portfolio:

I create illustrations for the press and magazines, advertising or for companies. Here you can see some examples.

I create figurative oil paintings. People and situations that convey emotions and tell a stories.

I have written and illustrated several books for young people. I also do illustrations for book covers or albums.

My name is Lorena de la Flor and I have been painting since I learned to hold a pencil.

I have specialized in telling stories through illustrations to convey emotions and vital situations. I focus on people and their faces, filling them with color and life.

On this website you can see the work I have done, contact me for any project or buy originals or posters of the illustrations or paintings that you like the most.