ESDIP exhibition

On Thursday, November 8, the opening of my exhibition took place at the ESDIP center. For two hours, attendees were able to enjoy fifteen oil paintings as well as some illustrations and books.

Each painting was accompanied by a QR code that attendees could scan to visit a web page that allowed them to read a short story inspired by the painting as well as listen to a song. Thus, the exhibition became a multimedia experience in which several senses came together:

  • The view to enjoy the paintings and read the stories
  • The ear to listen to their songs
  • And, as there were doritos, also the taste and smell :).
  • Of course, you could not touch the paintings …

We could also enjoy seeing some of the portrayed posing next to the works that represent them, which is always funny.

In short, we had a great time enjoying the exhibition and, above all, the company.
Thank you all very much for being there.