About me

About me

My name is Lorena de la Flor and I have been painting since I learned to hold a pencil.

I have a degree in Computer Science and in Advertising and Public Relations. I work in the field of technology and I combine it with my passion for creation, painting and illustration.

I have specialized in telling stories through illustrations to convey emotions and vital situations. I focus on people and their faces, filling them with color and life.

I am available for professional illustration work as well as painting commissions. Contact me for whatever you need.

Illustration services

I do illustrations for various companies and individuals.
Contact me to request a personalized quote.


Portraits, cartoons and illustrations for the press and magazines.


Illustrations for advertising, signage and communication at the point of sale.


Internal and external communication, events, corporate portraits.


Covers and interior illustrations for novels, textbooks or children's albums.

Lorena de la Flor: encarga un cuadro personalizado


I can create a painting specially comissioned for you, using photographies of you, your family or friends.

This offers you the possibility of having on your walls an exclusive painting created just for you or the chance to give a very special gift to the ones you love.

Contact me to understand the details.